How do I unsubscribe from a list or cancel a list?

If you’d like to stop receiving updates from a list, reply to the list with “unsubscribe,” “cancel,” or “stop,” and you’ll be taken off immediately.

If you’d like to shut down a list you’ve created, reply to the list with “cancel” or “stop,” and your list will be marked inactive immediately. We do not charge for inactive lists, and you may not send messages to inactive lists.

I have another question!

If your question hasn’t been answered, contact us at [email protected], and we’ll reply as quickly as possible.

How much does Tada Messages cost?

Each list is $2 per month.

Each subscriber is an additional penny (1¢.)

There’s no charge for updates or replies; you can send as many of either as you like.

How can I track clicks on the links I’m sending?

Tada Messages doesn’t offer tools to track clicks on links you send, but here’s a few popular link-analytics tools that can help:

In analytics services (e.g. Google Analytics or Mixpanel), visits from Tada Messages subscribers will appear without a referrer (“direct links”) and will most likely come from a mobile device (though some computers can receive SMS.)

What about a password?

Instead of a password, we use SMS verification codes for authentication. That is, we text a six-digit number to your phone; when you enter the code on our site, we’ll know it’s you.

We require everyone – whether you’re making or subscribing to a list – to verify your phone number. We want to make sure that everyone we message does, in fact, want to receive a tada message.